The Top Ten Reasons This Blog Will Become, For A Time, A Series of Top Ten Lists

10. Given the sporadic nature of my blog posts, it’s clear that any readers I have are due to my ability to make funny comments about music, not because I have the latest news (Cap’n Jazz are back together?  What?).

9. Consider it a tribute to High Fidelity, except top ten instead of top five.

8. This is all an oblique homage to McSweeney’s.

7. The first couple of lists are pretty funny.

6. Who reads articles anymore in the internet age?

5. Forget what De La Soul said- ten is a magic number.

4. This is all an oblique homage to the metric system.

3. Despite the fact that NBC’s late night fiascos have not yet catastrophically affected David Letterman, it’s clear that the world may need a steady provider of top ten lists in the years to come.

2. This is a tribute to my favorite member of the Dictators- Top 10.

1.  Shoot.  It’s going to be really difficult to come up with more of these.


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