Track Review: The Field, The More That I Do

The Field’s 2007 debut album, From Here We Go Sublime, was something like blissed out Philip Glass; the music was just as broken-record repetitive as the opera Einstein on the Beach, but instead of the stately forbidding dread Glass conjured up, Axel Willner (the sole member of the group) goes for a fantastic transcendence, at sometimes melancholic, and at other times, for lack of a better word, sublime.  

The new single by the Field, The More That I Do, somewhat lives up to the promise that the new album, Yesterday and Today, will be a more organic affair.  It’s a denser and somewhat more complex track than the stripped-down loops on From Here We Go Sublime.  This does not mean it’s better.  Over the eight and a half minutes of The More That I Do, Willner trys to indulge with a kind of melody (with glockenspiels ripped off from Dan Deacon) and “oh yeah” vocals that suggest his version of a house anthem.  This does not necessarily mean that the track will not be fantastic, but in this case, Willner’s attempts to branch out only illuminate the basic flaw of his music; there is one reason to listen to the Field, and that is because of the singular feeling of euphoria that the tracks can often create.  But The More That I Do fails at this, and because of this, it’s not that great a song.  The beat is nothing special, the melody is vaguely pretty, and the vocal samples get a bit annoying by the song’s end.  Though Willner is talented enough to make the track possible to listen to for its entire length, it’s simply not enjoyable.  This new style does not bode well for the new album, though the fact that Battles drummer John Stanier will be guesting on Yesterday and Today ensures that I will pick it up.


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