Play Your Part and this Record: Feed The Animals


Girl Talk\'s new record, Feed the Animals

The fundamental rule of mashup is that any bit of music can sound perfect when taken out of the context of its original song, and Greg Gillis proves this rule (The Cure’s”Inbetween Days” sounds downright sublime without Robert Smith’s histrionic angst.)  throughout the continuous mix of Girl Talk’s latest record, Feed the Animals.

The record starts extremely quickly (1.5 Seconds), with a sampled rapper saying “Play your part” over a sampled drumbeat, before “Play Your Part- Part 1” really begins, which features, among others, an instantly recognizable sample from Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. 

One problem with using such familiar samples is that the listener often wants to hear the rest of the song (depending on one’s feelings for the sampled track); if DJ Shadow loops 1.5 seconds of a rare groove no one’s heard since 1963, the listener won’t care, but if half a familiar riff is looped, the listener will eventually put on the sampled song.  This ruins many lesser mashup artists, as it makes the music annoying as well as somewhat disposable, but Gillis avoids this problem by keeping the sound collage moving at an incredible pace; you will vaguely recognize the sample, but then it will be replaced by another sample.  The only time where Gillis slips with this technique is when “Purple Haze” is sampled in “No Pause”- the entire track stops for Hendrix’s a capella line “scuse me while I kiss the sky”, but the following Feist sample, “1234”, lacks the sonic strength to surprise the listener enough, and one simply wants to hear that Hendrix riff.  This is only, however, for one moment.

The only part where Gillis’s fast pace works against him is that it makes brilliant moments, but not always brilliant songs.  But this is a problem with all mashup, and Gillis provides better moments than nearly any other mashup artist, and with consistency second only to 2manyDJs.  Overall, Feed The Animals is the best record thus far of 2008, and even better, it’s available as a pay-what-you-like download from  Click, don’t walk, to the link and get this record. 


One Response to “Play Your Part and this Record: Feed The Animals”

  1. Great — I will get it and listen to it. Best record of 2008? Or best pay what you want to download? Even better!

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